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"Rapid Express is our #1 choice for all of our local transportation needs. They are professional, dependable and a pleasure to do business with."

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Rapid Express Transport Services LLC
P.O. Box 60888
Rochester, NY  14606
+1 585 546 3278Telephone:
+1 585 340 6954FAX:
E-mail: operations@RapidEx.us 
Website: www.RapidEx.us  
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          Phone:  +1 585 202-9263

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    Our Services

    · On-demand, daily courier runs

    · After-hours service on request

    · Radio dispatched

    • Local Trucking
    •  Â· On-demand, daily trucking runs
      · After-hours service on request
      · Radio dispatched
    • Out-of-town Services
    •  Â· On-demand or scheduled delivery
      · Courier or trucking
      · After hours service on request
    • Custom Solutions
    •  Â· Corporate accounts
      · Custom solutions for your business
      · Put our experience to work for you