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What customers are saying:

"We have used Rapid Express Transport Services for some time now. They perform the majority if not all of our local delivery. In that time, they have been a consistently reliable trucking service. We are an industrial distribution company. We serve a large number of customers in a number of different industries. More than a few will contact us with urgent or special delivery requirements. The team at Rapid is easy to reach, and accommodating to specific needs. The have consistently supported us if there has been an after-hours requirement. I do recommend them."

Laird Plastics

Priority Service

Tailored Solutions for Success

Every business in unique and many times so must be the solutions that will maximize your success and growth. Our leadership team is always available to provide advice and consultation to support you in finding the best transport solution for your business.


Corporate Accounts

Through our corporate accounts program we can work together with your company to understand your business challenges to design and provide custom business-to-business delivery solutions that help you succeed and grow.

At Rapid Express we provide solutions to your business problems by designing solutions to meet the individual needs of your company. Wherever and whenever you need help with your business-to-business delivery we can be of service.

Our unique combination of experience and skills make us the ideal choice to solve your business problems. From courier service to trucking, from on-demand service to dedicated fleets, we can help make your delivery systems work the way you and your customers want and need them to work.

Put our team of experienced professionals to work for you today!
01. Sixty years of Experience
Our leadership team has more than 60 years of successful freight transport experience and fortune 100 company management. Read more
02. Freight Handling
We have an intimate knowledge of handling of all types of freight. Our team can help you ensure your shipments arrive in their original condition, in the most cost-efficient manner for your business. Read more
03. Custom Solutions
We have a very strong focus on our customers needs and relationships. We have organized our business and services in this way to provide you tailored services. We know what it takes to run a successful business. Read more

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The are many opportunities and benefits in our corporate accounts program. If you are interested to learn more, we would welcome you to contact us at any time.
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