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Rapid Express Transport Services has more than 60 years of successful experience in the transport industry and fortune 100 company management. We successfully work with customers across all industries and can handle virtually any type of freight or shipping needs.  We would welcome you to contact us anytime to see how you can put our experience to work for your customers and organization. Here are just a few quotes from some of our customers.

As our customers requirements get more aggressive and our lead-times shrink, we increasingly rely on partners who are fast, reliable yet affordable.
 Rapid Express Transport Services is one of those partners, one we can count on to handle even our most critical logistic needs.

PEKO Precision Products, Inc.
I have worked with Rapid Express Transport Services for over 7 years. They have been a reliable source for safely and securely transporting finished goods, machine components, and
equipment, in a timely fashion! I have tried using alternate sources for these local transportation needs but I am often disappointed in their delivery time. Rapid Express has never been late either returning goods to our company or delivering to a vendor, even on short notice! I would find it quite difficult to consistently complete our projects on time and on budget without Rapids dependable service! Many of our goods produced are quite expensive and require a transportation provider that is aware of the importance of careful handling of these goods. Not once have I ever taken receipt of a damaged component, when I choose Rapid Express as my courier!! I appreciate their services and willingness to go above and beyond, when required to do so”!

Ultrafab Inc.
We just want to thank you for the excellent service your delivery company has been providing us over the years. We have used other companies in the past, and
their drivers have created problems with or customers. Customer service is important it every aspect of our business, including delivery. Your company has provided the
kind of customer service our customers require. Thank you.

We have used Rapid Express Transport Services for some time now. They perform the majority if not all of our local delivery. In that time, they have been a consistently reliable
trucking service. We are an industrial distribution company. We serve a large number of customers in a number of different industries. More than a few will contact us
with urgent or special delivery requirements. The team at Rapid is easy to reach, and accommodating to specific needs. The have consistently supported us if there has
been an after-hours requirement. I do recommend them.

Laird Plastics
Rapid Express Transport Services service has been a great asset to Mitchell Machine Tool in the past 7 years. We manufacture parts from one pound up to five ton pieces.
 My experience has been very good. Once call to dispatch, any time of the day, and I am set for a pick-up or delivery. Drivers are dedicated to moving the freight on time,
with no damage. Pricing is very competitive to other services in this area. I would highly recommend Rapid Express for any of your shipments.

Mitchell Machine Tool
Rapid Express Transport Services is our #1 choice for all of our local transportation needs. They are professional, dependable and a pleasure to do business with.

CJK Manufacturing, LLC
Rochester Automated Systems has used Rapid Express Transport Services for over seven years. Over the course of those seven years Rapid has transported shipments
 of small parts to complete machines over a wide area with distances of up to 150 miles round trip. The majority of these shipments have been on short notice with very minimal packaging. Rapid Express Transport Services consistently handled these shipments with on time deliveries and no damage. Rapid Express Transport Services handles 99.9% of our “neighborhood” time sensitive incoming and outgoing transportation needs. We no longer ask how much it is going to cost as we have the confidence that we will be treated honestly and fairly. Rochester Automated Systems will continue our partnership as our shipping needs increase. Thank you for your continued excellent and cost effective service.

Rochester Automated Systems
I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the service you and your team provide us. I know I am always in a hurry and can be very demanding, but you always
treat me like I am your only customer. It is nice to deal with a company that understands that a freight subcontractor is an extension of our own company and treats our
vendors and customers with the same respect we require of our own employees. Many thanks and I look forward to a long and growing relationship. Sincerely,

Ranger Design
I have been meaning to send this letter to you for quite a while and just found the time. We here at the Rochester Prolife Branch all want to thank you for the great
service you provide. In our business today customers can be quite demanding and therefore we expect a lot from our vendors. You have never disappointed, when we have a need, you’re here. When you get to our customers location we never hear complaints, quite the opposite in that we hear nothing but complements. When I call, you always answer the phone allowing me to move on to the next task that I have. All of this you do for what we think is a very fair price. Becky please feel free to use me as a reference at any time. Again thank you for the outstanding service. Sincerely,